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Definition :

AB Switch is an essential unit of all overhead power transmission line which is used to connect or disconnect the power system of a certain part of overhead cable and Transformer from the main power distribution line.

Type :

The design of GOAB Switch or Gang Operated Air Break Switches are depends on their uses and application like :

● 2 Post type.
● Tilting type.
● Tilting type - Double Stack Insulator.
● Rotating type.
● Rotating type - Double Stack Insulator.
● Single Phase Switch.
● Change Over Switch.
● Disconnecting Switch.

Capacity :

● System Voltage - 11KV, 22KV & 33KV.
● Amp - 200A, 400A, 800A, 1200A etc.
● System Frequency - 50Hz etc.

Construction :

AB Switches are made by galvanized Steel Base, 11KV of each Insulator, copper alloy male-female Contacts, Arcing Horns for power connect / disconnect operation, 2 Adjustable Pins fitted on the steel base frame both side of the operating post to limit it's travel of moving on each side, desired length of M.S. square Rod for rocking operation, desired length of G.I. Pipe for operation from ground level and operating handle.

Air Break Switches are designed as double or triple post construction (depends on their type) which can be mounted both horizontally and vertically with the electrical Double Pole Structure (DP Structure). They are usually found in group of 3 switches serially installed whose are operates together. So they are also known as "Gang Operated Air Break Switch" (GOAB Switch).

Application / Uses :

Generally 11KV AB Switch & 22KV AB Switch is used in Power Distribution line and 33KV AB Switch is used in Power Generation & Power Transmission Line.

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